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Is Recycling EdTech a Good Fit for Your Municipality?
Recycling EdTech: 
Evaluation & Selection Criteria for American Municipal Waste Management

The importance of technology to pave the way for effective communication, recycling education, productive administration, and municipal leadership is undeniable, especially with shrinking attention spans of residents.


But with the current pace of technological innovation that offers a multitude of opportunities to connect with your residents – how do you find a unified communication and education platform that’s a good fit for your municipality (without breaking the bank or burning yourself out)?


By reading this eGuide, you’ll get the answers to:


  • What are the common issues that the recycling EdTech should address?
  • How do I evaluate the impact and value of the tools and features offered? 
  • What are some considerations I should take regarding resident education?
  • How do I adapt my recycling program to an aging population?

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